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Healthy Exotic Dining - Just Became More Exciting!

Catering Menu And Recipe List:

Party Menu:                                          Party Menu:      

Serving 20-24 Price $700.00                                   Serving 36-40 Price $900.00                                             

3 Broiled Whole Curry Chicken 5 lb                                          Broiled Tilapia 20 lb   

Broiled Tilapia 10 lb                                                                  5 Broiled Curry Whole Chicken 5 lb      

2 lb Stove Top Large Tiger Curry Shrimp                                  4 lb Stove Top Large Tiger Curry Shrimp

Jollof Rice 10 Cups                                                                   Collard Green Stew 10lb or Spinach Stew

Corn Bread or Biscuits                                                              Groundnut Soup with Shrimp; Collard; Okra

Collard Green Stew 10lb                                                           Jollof Rice 10 Cups

Fruit Salad Platter                                                                     Red Beans and Rice  

Stem Seasoning Vegetables                                                       Fruit Salad Platter

German Chocolate Cake                                                           Fried Seasoning Plantains

                                                                                                 Banana Bread          

                                                                                                 Sweet Corn Bread 

                                                                                                 Red Velvet Cake 9 Inch 2-layer or Pound Cake   

Party Menu:                                            Party Menu: 

Serving 16-20 Price $400.00                                                       Serving 8-12 Price $300.00 

15 lb Broiled Skinless Curry Chicken Drums                                7 lb Broiled Skinless Curry Chicken Drums

10 lb Broiled Curry Chicken Wings                                              5 lb Broiled Curry Chicken Wings  

4 lb Stove Top Medium Curry Shrimp                                          2 lb Stove Top Medium Curry Shrimp  

10 Cups Jollof Rice                                                                      5 Cups Jollof Rice 

5 Cups Collard Green Stew                                                         2 Cups Collard Green Stew   

2 Dozen Oat Meal Cookies                                                         1 Dozen Oat Meal Cookies

Entrees Serves With Jollof Rice; Red Bean; Jasmine Rice; Cooked Green Plantain; Boiled Potatoes. 

Appetizers:                                                Small Plate:                                                             

Broiled Spicy Lemon Pepper Wings 12 Pieces $7.00                     Fruit Salad $10.00        

Fried Green Seasoing Plantains 10 Pieces $5.00                            Fruit and Mixed Greens Salad $10.00

Fried Ripe Seasoning Plantains 10 Pieces $5.00                            Groundnut Soup; Shrimp; Collard; Okra; Fish $10.00

Grilled Spicy Curry Tiger Shrimp 6 Pieces $7.00                           Tomatoes Light Soup Okra and Broiled Fish $10.00

                                                                   Mixed Greens Salad $10.00   

Breads:                                                               Entrees: 

No Eggs Sweet Spelt Corn Bread $10.00                                   Broiled Curry Chicken Bone Breast 10lb $20.00  

No Eggs Spelt Banana Bread $15.00                                          Broiled Whole 5lb Chicken $15.00

Organic Buttery Biscuits $10.00                                                  Broiled Whole 5lb Curry Chicken $15.00

Organic Cheese Biscuits $15.00                                                  Broiled Tilapia  5 lb $20.00  

French Bread $10.00                                                                  Broiled King Fish  5 lb $25.00  

Spelt Biscuits $10.00                                                                  Broiled Bonito Fish  5 lb $25.00 

Spelt Cheese Biscuits $15.00                                                     Stove Top Lg Tiger Curry Shrimp  2lb $20.00 

All Ingredients Are Organic.                                                          All Entrees Serves With Jollof Rice; Vegetable; Rice   





Desserts:                                                   Stews:

Coconut Bundt Cake $20.00                                                       Collard Green Stew 5 Cups $15.00

No Eggs Oat Meal Cookies $10.00                                             Spinach Stew 5 Cups $15.00                                           

No Eggs Chocolate Chip Cookies $10.00                                    Squash Stew 5 Cups $15.00

Pineapple Upside Down Cake $30.00                                          Okra Stew 5 Cups $15.00 

Pound Cake $20.00                                                                     Tomatoes Stew With Fresh Herbs 5 Cups $15.00

Red Velvet Cake 9 Inch 2-layer $40.00                                       Red & Beans Rice; Rice; Jollof Rice 5 Cups $15.00 

All Ingredients Are Organic.                                                           All Meals Are Freshly Prepared From Scratch.   

Colon Flush/Detox:

Available upon request

Fresh Wheatgrass Juice 16 Ounce $6.00

Fresh Wheatgrass Juice Half Gallon $20.00

Fresh Gginger Root Juice 16 Ounce $6.00

Fresh Ginger Root Juice Half Gallon $20.00





Check Back For Weekly Catering Menu Updates.

Banana Bread (No Eggs)
Spelt Raisins Honey Bread (No Eggs)
Sweet Corn Bread (No Eggs)
Garlic Cheese Biscuits (No Eggs)
Chive Garlic Biscuits (No Eggs)
Spelt Biscuits
(No Eggs)
Pineapple Ginger Muffins

Ghanaian Style Curry Chicken
Scotch Bonnet Pepper Wings Finger Food (Extremely Spicy Hot!)

Stove-Top Ghanaian Curry Goat

Meat Pie:
Ghanaian Style Meat Pie

Fried Plantains or Kelewele

Traditional Jollof Rice Dish

Grilled Curry Shrimp
Fried Curry Shrimp
Broiled Bonito Fish and/or Tilapia

Recipes are $1.00 each

Healthy Western African Recipes.
Price Includes Full Detail Recipes, Prep Instructions and Cooking Instructions.

Ms Fosu adds New Recipes weekly.

Ingredients Can Be Found at Your Local Farmers Market or Your Local Health Foods Stores.

Groundnut Soup
Light Soup

Okra Stew
Spinach Ste
Yellow Squash Stew

Ashanti Style Summer Breeze Smoothie
African Style Coconut Bundt Cake
African Style Pound Cake
African Style Snack Chips (No Eggs)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Eggs)
German Chocolate Cake
Oatmeal Cookies (No Eggs)
Pineapple Cake
Red Velvet Cake

African Style Colon Flush/ Detox:
Cinnamon Ginger Root Juice - Detox
WheatGrass Juice - Cleanse

All desserts, muffins, cookies, bread, and biscuits are all made without using all purpose flour. 

Recipes are $1.00 each

Healthy Western African Recipes.
Price Includes Full Detail Recipes, Prep Instructions and Cooking Instructions.

Ms Fosu adds New Recipes weekly.

Ingredients Can Be Found at Your Local Farmers Market or Your Local Health Foods Stores.

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